My name is Christiana, but you can call me Chris for short. I am crazy about marketing and passionate about growth lead generation.

I am the CEO of Home Link Media and I would love to help you grow your company.

If you have a business retated to UK propeties, I will be delighted to help you improve your website traffic, your google position, your email marketing and your socials.

  • Your website must look beautiful, but also be functional to sell.
  • You must appear on the first page of Google + aim to keep a high rate review.
  • Do you already have an email list? Nurturing your list is a crucial step in building strong relationships with your audience, and eventually converting them into loyal customers.
  • Does your social media look good and healthy? I can fix it, or you are ready to invest in strategic Ads with me. 
I guarantee you will be amazed with the strategies I would bespoke apply to grow your business.