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  • Duration: 00:45 Hours
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My marketing audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your current marketing activities, strategies, and performance. Its primary goal is to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and identify opportunities for improvement.

Whether you have no website or need redesigning, if you prefer to manage and update yourself, or if you would rather just give me instructions, then we need to schedule a meeting.

The first step to aim is an effective website which isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about meeting user needs, building trust, and driving desired actions. Once your website is live, you will be ready to connect your Google account, start your email list, and showcase your services on social media. By wisely leveraging these channels, you will connect with existing customers and reach potential new ones.

Your Google account, your automated email marketing, and your strong social media presence are all interconnected and will contribute to your business success. 

Phase 1  I will run your website audit which is a comprehensive analysis of its overall performance and effectiveness. It involves a systematic review of the entire site, including technical issues, content quality, backlink checking, meta tags, (UX) user experience, navigation, design elements, mobile responsiveness, search engine optimization (SEO), and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Audit: I will examine how well the site converts visitors into customers. In summary, my website audit will help identify areas for improvement, optimize performance, and enhance your user satisfaction. 

Phase 2   AI-targeted marketing on socials: Social media platforms provide advanced targeting options. A campaign based on demographics, interests, or behaviours is what you need to grow, so I will guide you to set up and run a clever Ad campaign so it can reach the right audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions. 

Data Collection and Analysis: Social Media platforms offer robust analytics tools that provide insights into user behaviours, engagement metrics, conversion rates, and more. By analysing this data, we can refine your marketing strategies, optimize your website, and improve overall performance. In summary, connecting your website with your social media platforms is essential for expanding your online presence, targeting the right audience, driving traffic, engaging customers, and optimizing your marketing efforts based on data-driven insights.